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So only take it out when you need more space in the CC or when you are about to use the loot. If they are full, then there is decent loot in the CC up to k of each and DE. As such, putting your CC in the middle of your base makes a lot of sense. The percentage of loot available to raid from you is generally higher in your storages than in your CC.

In many cases, this can even beat a maxed inferno tower for both damage and range. The CC can act as a 7th or 9th storage serving to further spread out your loot and make it harder for an attacker to come away with a full haul.

Attackers almost always go for the storages and almost never go for the CC. If your CC is centralized, your war loot is in the best protected place in your base. Many people recognize that a full CC is about the best defense you can have.

Many people also recognize that spreading out your storages makes it substantially more difficult to get all your loot. A lot of attackers will see the big loot, but then despair when they see how spread out they are and move on to the next target.

This is especially helpful when pushing for an expensive upgrade that would effectively deplete your storages or when moving to the next TH level. Even then, they will switch to just attacking whatever is closest.

If you have loot in your CC and another war ends, it will just get added.

This means that collecting it actually makes it more vulnerable. It will transfer however much can fit in the storages and leave the rest in the CC to be collected later. Your CC also probably has a lot more hit points than your storages, meaning that loot stored in the CC will leak out more slowly when it is being attacked.


If you are close to having maxed storages, but need a little more loot for the next upgrade, go ahead and collect your war loot. For the most part, your CC protects loot better than your storages do. Also, goblins will never prioritize the CC, so you are essentially safe from them until all of your resource buildings are destroyed.

If you are attacking, look at the little glass vials at the top of the CC.Download this free HD photo of communication, internet, laptop and business by rawpixel (@rawpixel).

STRATEGY [Strategy] Clan Castle War Loot (mint-body.comfClans) submitted 3 years ago * by Chief_tyu Just a few things people might not know about CC war loot, and why you should only collect war loot when you are Yx stratg to spend it or you need more space in your CC for more loot from a war about to end.

Other Options. An Assault Vest set with four attacks is an alluring option thanks to Snorlax's sky-high special bulk and Attack stat, but this prevents it from resting off burns and damage, thus severely limiting its usefulness in a match.

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Heroes Strategy for teams that include Santa Boom (mint-body.comClash) submitted 2 years ago by asssblackman When you're attacking bases that have all of their heroes and towers in the same place, you can almost entirely or almost entirely destroy their base with just one troop: Santa Boom!

Yx stratg
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