Run lola run essay conclusion

The combination of images, sound, text, puzzles and games illustrate and enhance the narrative. The use of the metaphor: When Lola is trying to figure out who to approach for the money the fast paced flashing in of different faces, combined with the rotating camera emphasises on how images play a vital role in telling the story.

This constant motif metaphor of the clock prepares us to what will happen in the movie and shows us the amount of pressure lola is under to save her beloved boyfriend manni.

The distinctively visual image of Lola running is formed through the use of characterisation and camera shots. The animated sequences emphasise the theme of chance as they cause the audience to focus more on the variances between the three runs.

The major theme in the film is time as time governs the actions and outcomes of Lola throughout the film. The importance of time is represented through the closes up shots of the pendulum, grandfather clock and the cuckoo clock in the opening scenes.

In one scenario, a woman who Lola accidentally bumps into wins the lottery and becomes rich in a different scenario, she remains poor and kidnaps an unattended baby after her child was taken away by social workers.

Manni and Lola share the split screen, Manni looks to his left and Lola runs from the right to left. Run Lola run is also similar to Vertigo about John Ferguson as a retired San Francisco police detective who suffers from acrophobia and Madeleine is the lady who leads him to high places.

The editing in RLR is fast paced and significant in many ways. The red also symbolises the danger present in their relationship through the involvement in the criminal world. Ultimately in conclusion tom tykwer and Kate pullinger use a wide variation of techniques to convey the final outlook of the story.

Throughout the poem Noyes refers to the colour red. The colour red often connotes love and danger. This shows Lola being swallowed by the giant clock is symbolic of time being more powerful than she is.

A red filter is used by Tykwer in the two scenes to create a red light on both Lola and Manni. This illustrates the love between the couple and the dedication Lola has for Manni — here Tykwer invites the audience to consider the nature of love.

An example of this is seen in the first run when Lola runs across the train bridge. The futures are widely changed from encounter to encounter. To enhance these themes Tykwer portrays distinctively visual images of Lola running, the red filter scenes, animated sequences and the split screens.

The film follows the events between a woman, Lola, and her boyfriend, Mani, who she desperately tries to save from death by helping him obtain a huge amount of money he carelessly lost.

Run Lola Run

Scottie is sceptical, but agrees after he sees Madeleine. Powerful images challenge our understanding of ourselves and our world in many methods these images help to create a story and ad in depth meaning to the text.

Tykwer has used several editing techniques to help the audience engage with the powerful shots that are exposed within the film.

My second chosen text is inanimate Alice which is a digital novel that tries to encourage the younger, hands on generation.

By the use of these camera techniques and the importance of the sound techniques it helps engage the audience with the story and once again challenges our thought of the film. Inanimate Alice is an interactive multimedia story which tells a story about A young girl who grows up to become a videogame designer, the story takes place in China when Alice is eight years old.Home Essays Run Lola Run Essay.

Run Lola Run Essay. Topics: Film techniques, Run Lola Run directed by Tom Tykwer entails us on a journey via different pathways in order to save her boyfriend Mannie. Through the use of visual techniques it allows the audience to view the world in different approaches.

The film ‘Run Lola Run’ directed by Tom Tykwer uses visual techniques to convey messages to the audience and involve the audience in the experiences that the images create. The use of a variety of techniques create distinctively visual images that are both memorable and unique, they feature visuals that are highly distinctive.

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Page 1 of /4(1). Run Lola Run Essay A distinctively visual text aims to influence the way we discover and understand the images we see.

Significantly altering the way we make understandings of the experiences that we encounter in the world. essay sample on run lola run topics specifically for you Order now The use of many influential techniques create distinctively visual images that are both impressive, unique and challenge our initial thought of the film, they therefor create powerful images in connection with the film.

In ‘Run Lola Run’ time is shown to be a major concern right from the beginning. We can see this in the first few seconds of the film when there is a low angle shot looking up at a pendulum swaying then the camera pans out to show us a gargoyles head for a clock.

Run lola run essay conclusion
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