Research paper the clash of civilisations

Second, globalization brings nations closer, which does not necessarily lead to greater cooperation but potentially to a reaction against the Western economic and military dominance.

Clash Of Civilizations Essay

The United Nations has put forward initiatives like the Year of Dialogue Among Civilizations and the Alliance of Civilizations Research paper the clash of civilisations, which aim to investigate and address the causes of contemporary polarization between cultures.

He propagates that conflicts will arise amongst civilisations purely because of their inherent differences. Of course, the noble effort received a setback in light of the September 11th attacks in America.

How to Misunderstand Everybody in the World. However, the West is utilizing IO s, military and economic power, and other agencies to keep their civilisation over the others and to advance more and more their political orientations.

This is most visible among the Western and Islamic countries.

For illustration, a state can alter its political orientation and alteration from communism to capitalist economy ; nevertheless, civilization is something that can non be changed.

Finally, Huntington envisaged the rise of regional, rather than global, economic cooperation, which would reinforce civilizational consciousness. His many beliefs and actions have indeed made this man one to be revered and respected.

Clash of Civilizations

Princeton University Press, This God-like status allows these individuals to be termed as statesmen. The Clash theory also talks about the problems caused by the reluctance of the West to identify and accept other patterns of values and political systems which only serves to alienate other civilisations.

In fact, according to him, these civilisations, identified as Sinic and Islam, are at the forefront of the power shift, in terms of politics, military and economics, from the West to other civilisations. It is also noticeable how leaders emerge with these culturally and religiously specific civilisations; people who often become the only voice recognisable to a large majority within the civilisation.

Another factor is that because of increasing communications, interaction between civilisations occurs more and more and at the clip people are going aware of their great differences.

First, cultural and religious differences are more fundamental than ideological or political ones. Accordingly, Huntington has argued, religious fundamentalism is spreading especially among the young, educated, middle-class people beyond national boundaries but within civilizations.

Non-Western states think this organisation is wholly Westernized and use different Torahs to their kin-countries than to other states. What was particularly noticeable was the number of alternative theories that emerged at the same time.

More Frequent, Longer, and Bloodier? However, the following measure on doing wars, as the writer and many other people believe will be and already is the clang of civilisations.

In this regard, the tension between the West and Islam is likely to be the most conflictive one due to the American influence in the Middle East. What can be expected on the hereafter is a great clang between Western and Confucian-Islamic faith. However, most of the other civilisations are really steadfast on their beliefs and are seeking to even assist each other in what many believe is the West against the Rest.

Because of this, differences between faiths cause a clang between the beliefs of people and as we know, this has provoked many wars during history.

The Clash Of Civilizations Essay Research Paper

Thus, people, and states are more likely to align themselves with other states that they share similarities with rather than one they have nothing in common with. The Dialogue theory talks about the acceptance of all cultures, religions and civilisations by all other. A clear illustration of this is the dual criterion that the UN is using.

Further, he states that some civilisations are predisposed to dislike another thus leading to constant tensions and a situation perpetually conducive to conflict. Since its suggestion, the clash of civilizations has become a thesis that many academics and political figures have disagreed with but not ignored.

Research Paper: the Clash of Civilisations and the Remaking of World Oder

This is clearly expressed on the military assistance between Islamic and Confucian states. The theory also brought forth many arguments, some pro, some con.

This means their decisions, their way of thinking, their opinions etc matter more and are agreed to by the smaller states.

The differences between civilisations are now doing many jobs and in the hereafter will go the chief cause for wars. On the yesteryear, the privation for district and power enlargement was the chief cause for wars.

They sell atomic arms to each other and besides trade engineering in order to go a power that could be competitory to the West, but arisen in a really different manner.There are many civilisations around the universe. A civilisation is the broadest degree to which a individual belongs and identifies with and must portion something like faith, civilization, linguistic communication, race, etc.

with the other people of.

Clash of Civilizations | February 24, For the Unit 9 Assignment, you will compose a word essay comparing Huntington’s ‘Clash of Civilizations?’ article with one other political scientist and/or academic who has written a response to Huntington’s ‘Clash of Civilizations?’ article.

View Clash of Civilizations Research Papers on for free. CHRIST UNIVERSITY Research Paper on THE CLASH OF CIVILISATIONS AND THE REMAKING OF WORLD ORDER Preeti John Puliyankunnel Registration number:. Clash of Civilizations In Samuel Huntington wrote an article titled “Is there a clash of civilizations”.

The thesis was very much born in the context of the end of the cold war. The Clash of Civilizations suggests that world politics is entering a new phase. It is his hypothesis that the fundamental source of conflict in the New World will not be primarily ideological or primarily economic.

Research paper the clash of civilisations
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