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He was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in With the competitive gap becoming greater in both leagues and with several clubs on the brink of possible collapse, it became apparent Pete rozelle an end to the "war" was essential for both leagues.

Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award

This time the players would get limited Free Agency in what was known as Plan B. After months of secret meetings, the leagues agreed to merge in Junewith the two leagues becoming one in However, its most important product was an end of the year Championship game that would become the biggest yearly sporting event in the world.

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That profound image of stability and integrity continues today. Rozelle is erroneously credited with forging the Pete rozelle. For three months, he gathered evidence. In the first year the merger took effect the two once rival league were named conferences with three former NFL teams joining the AFC to give both Conferences equal footing at 13 teams.

They practiced at Compton Junior College, where Rozelle was a freshman. During this decade, the upstart World Football League organized, pushing player salaries higher even as it ended up in bankruptcy. In doing so he deftly played one television network against the other. By the time of his resignation, the number of teams in the league had grown to 28, and team owners presided over sizable revenues from U.

Later, he said, "It was the most regrettable decision I ever made. Inowners rewarded him with a year contract.

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During this period, he established a reputation for a tough, even-handed and fair negotiator. JFK assassination See also: Rozelle was informed of their decision and then asked to leave the room so his name could be presented and discussed.

Vikings Public Relations Wins Pete Rozelle Award

But by employing the polite and patient negotiating and arbitrating style he exhibited throughout his tenure, Pete slowly but surely brought the owners into line. The affair would leave the NFL powerless in future franchise shifts. However just 2 years later the New York Jets stunned the world by beating the Baltimore Colts turning the game now known as the Super Bowl into an event in the process.

He was told of his election in the bathroom, and when he emerged, he jokingly told owners, "I come to you with clean hands. The leagues agreed to a merger in That philosophy enabled him to negotiate a national television contract with CBS in that created greater revenue and greater exposure for each franchise.

ByRozelle was offered the GM job with the Rams. The couple had one child, Anne, born in The older of 2 boys, his father had run a grocery store, but it failed during the Depression and he worked the rest of his days for Alcoa. When he took office there were twelve teams in the NFL playing a twelve game schedule to frequently half-empty stadiums, and only a few teams had television contracts.

Inhe transferred to the University of San Francisco. Rozelle recognized the value of such an arrangement, and following the lead of the rival AFL, Rozelle negotiated large television contracts to broadcast every NFL game played each season.

However the league would fold quickly and the stars would return. At first, Namath retired. Public Relations Inducted in Hall of Fame: Most veteran observers could not imagine someone as amiable as Rozelle successfully handling the horde of strong-willed owners for whom he would have to work.

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Alvin Ray RozelleSurprise choice to replace Bert Bell, Generally recognized as premier commissioner of all professional sports. The Vikings Public Relations Department has been named the winner of the Pete Rozelle Award, the Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA) announced Monday.

The Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award, or Super Bowl MVP, is presented annually to the most valuable player of the Super Bowl, the National Football League's (NFL) championship game. The winner is chosen by a fan vote during the game and by a panel of 16 football writers and broadcasters who vote after the game.

The media panel's. Pete Rozelle is possibly one of the most important people in NFL history, helping create the football that we consume today.

Read more on mint-body.comn: Mar 01, Profile of NFL CommissionerPete Rozelle.

Pete rozelle
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