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Levels are awarded according to the Naze coursework output and presentation. Although many people complain about some of the defences, they are helping the naze in many ways.

The process that usually takes place after longshore drift that leaves things such Naze coursework sand and pebbles, away from the original area and onto a new area. There are opportunities for out-of-class learning and we embark on a number of experiments and projects for pupils to develop independent learning skills as well as team skills.

Water Infiltration rates experiment project. This is the main process that is being focused on at Walton as Naze coursework is at the moment, the most destructive process. Picture courtesy of marine,gov Groynes: Some people complain that they are visually polluting too. The CTAs for individual Year groups are as follows: It is helpful but many complain that it visually pollutes.

This usually happens between two different types of rock or clay, which in the Walton case, would be between London clay and red crag.

Column 3 outlines the scale and detail required to provide adequate coverage of the specification. Section B A cross-unit problem solving exercise structured in three parts.

Even though most methods have at least 1 negative effect. Picture courtesy of livepool. The content of the specification is divided into three main themes, each with three sub themes. By the end, we were armed with knowledge from our lessons, the first hand data sourced from our field trip and the Bonaventurian will to learn in holiness, we were ready to work towards succeeding in one of the most interesting and relevant GCSE subject.

Walton-on-the-naze Coursework

When the tides hit the cliffs, water forces its way into the cracks of the rock, Hydraulic actioncausing big damage over time. This is when a slumping block slides off a curved surface called a failure surface. Coastal processes are the things that are happening to the coast such as: This process can relocate a whole beach up another side of a coast, but it can be prevented by a sea defence called a groyne.

Picture courtesy of commons. Picture courtesy of answers. We were treated to expert lectures and experienced guidance from our very own Mr.


It was an intense day, spent walking across miles of beaches and the homely town, and basking in the breath-taking views of the mesmerising Essex Coast. Loccal Area Walk project. AQA Syllabus This engaging and flexible course gives students the opportunity to: Japan Robot Development project.

It prevents longshore drift by breaking up the swash and backwash motion. Most people living in Walton think that sea walls are the worst visual polluters out of the three sea defences. When materials such as sand and pebbles are moved along beaches in zig-zag motions called swash and backwash.

When cliffs rock or other materials are being worn away by such substances as water. Rotational slumping information from answers. It starts with an introduction to Geography in Year 7 and runs through several Physical, Human and Environmental themes up to the end of Year 9.

Picture courtesy of hometouch. Assessment of Units 1 and 2 will be based on the Key Ideas and their associated Key Questions in the first two columns of the specification content see www.

This process can form new beaches. Villages and Towns around Walton-on-the-naze could be lost due to erosion.Population - 12, Walton-On-The-Naze can be split into two distinct areas (North & South) LSD moves sand along the coastline from South to North.

Walton-on-the-Naze GCSE Geography Field Trip – School Magazine Article As part of our GCSE Geography Coursework, all of our geography classes went to visit the North Essex seaside resort of Walton-on-the Naze to conduct our fieldwork during a series of three day-trips starting with the first on the 23 rd of September For my geography coursework, I will be exploring many question based on the coastal processes and other coastal Ideas at Walton-on-the-naze.

The main hypothesis that I will be studying is [ ] Free Essays. Sep 10,  · I'm doing my GCSE geography coursework on the cliffs at Walton on the Naze, UK. I know a little bit about the Naze Protection Society but I wondered if anyone could tell me in a little detail some of the things the Status: Resolved.

Walton on the naze coursework - A-Level Geography - Marked by coursework. These questions will be asked to help reach a conclusion: This experiment was carried out on the 11th July in Walton on the naze, Essex.

Hi, I'm doing my Geography Coursework on Walton-on-the-Naze and I would appreciate if anyone could help me with it.

It is asking "What is the limitation.

Naze coursework
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