Hunter commission

Jallianwala Bagh massacre

Thus, it is evident that missionary enterprise was regarded as inferior to private institution in the sphere of private venture in educational field.

When the fire was directed upon the centre, they ran to the sides. Therefore, I considered it my duty to fire on them and to fire well". A brief account of the recommendations of the commission is given below.

Revolutionary attacks in Bengal, associated increasingly with disturbances in Punjab, were significant enough to nearly paralyse the regional administration. In general, it was felt the Commission had been very thorough in its enquiries. We Hunter commission learn from the sadness and build on the gladness.

Besides, the Commission suggested for the establishment of Normal schools under a Divisional Inspector for the training of teachers and also allowed the provinces to adopt a curriculum suiting to their needs and inclusion of certain subjects of practical utility.

Many threw Hunter commission down on the ground, the fire was then directed down on the ground.

First Indian Education Commission or the Hunter Commission

In Amritsar, over 5, people gathered at Jallianwala Bagh. Special attention should be paid towards development of education among Muslims. I think probably, yes. By charging less fees the private institutions attracted more students; but the institutions were insufficiently staffed, miserably equipped and utterly unfit to give useful education.

Dyer had overstepped the bounds of his authority. I have protested against this, it was my duty.

It was not my job. The movement was at its peak before the end of the first week of April, with some recording that "practically the whole of Lahore was on the streets, the immense crowd that passed through Anarkali was estimated to be around 20, The materials now amassed form a Statistical Survey of a continent with a population exceeding that of all Europe, Russia excepted.

Later the same day, several banks and other government buildings, including the Town Hall and the railway station, were attacked and set on fire.

Mutinies in smaller units and garrisons within India were also crushed. Other Recommendations There should be literary and vocational training in secondary education. Efficient teachers were not available to teach modern Indian languages.

I am dying for my country. The legislation restricted a number of civil liberties, including freedom of assembly ; gatherings of more than four people were banned.

William Wilson Hunter

During the same period the first Census of India has been taken, and furnished a vast accession to our knowledge of the people. The Commission made very clear cut suggestion on the subject of private agency which was to take over the task of education from the government.

I think we can fairly claim to have been of great use in the late riots, particularly at Gujranwala, where the crowd when looking at its nastiest was absolutely dispersed by a machine using bombs and Lewis guns.William Wilson Hunter was born on 15 July in Glasgow, Scotland, to Andrew Galloway Hunter, a Glasgow manufacturer.

He was the second son, among his fathers three sons.

Hunter Education Commission 1882-83

He was the second son, among his fathers three sons. Hunter commission Jallianwala Bagh massacre, also known as the Amritsar massacre, The Hunter Commission did not impose any penal or disciplinary action because Dyer's actions were condoned by various superiors (later upheld by the Army Council).Location: Amritsar, British India.

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Lord Ripon the then Governor-General of India appointed the first Indian Education Commission on February 3, under the Chairmanship of Sir William Hunter, a member of the Executive Council of Viceroy.

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Hunter commission
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