How to write a good website meta description

The spirit of that is the most important part.

These words should be associated with his or her query. Lyft is selling you on the people not the service. This was the old one: Maybe they are trying to be neutral but all they are doing here is listing product features.

I first consciously remember hearing this formula from Amy Harrisonon my Podcast. Title tags and meta descriptions are the headline and summary that appear on a search engine results page SERP.

By writing killer meta descriptions. ModCloth One of my favorites, and in the video above.

Generally, a meta description should be under characters. If you write a meta description that is too long, Google will truncate it. So write for people first. Use your meta description as a marketing message and ensure it communicates the value the user will get from coming to you.

Duplicates often occur when you forget to set your titles and descriptions, and the page simply uses a generic default. I love nothing more than getting out on a weekend and scuba diving.

Plus, by using unique titles and meta descriptions for each page, you reinforce to search engines that your content is unique and valuable.

Once written, meta descriptions are scarcely given a second glance or further consideration. Write for people Too often, businesses are so focused on optimization and trying to climb in the rankings that they forget their website needs to speak to real people, not just robots.

This is a huge opportunity for you to put something in there that makes your readers want to click through. Some meta descriptions are spammed with keyword-stuffed content -- this is bad, and probably stems from an old-school understanding of SEO.

Google will sometimes display more characters than that, but it depends. Google has made a few changes to the length of meta descriptions recently. Sign up for our daily recaps of the ever-changing search marketing landscape.

If your website is also based on a CMS i. Maybe people search my homepage may show in search a few hundred times a month.

Both outcomes for the user. Include relevant keywords You need to make it clear to both users and search engines what your page is about. The average searcher knows a predictable, generic meta description when they see it in the SERPs despite possibly not knowing exactly what a meta description is.

What can the user expect to get from your page by clicking on it?Mar 08,  · A good meta description tells the reader that your page is what they're looking for and entices them to read more. Learn how to write a meta description thatAuthor: Mindy Young. How To Write Meta Descriptions for Maximum Clicks.

Google’s machines most often choose the description you write and use in your page’s HTML meta tag — if it contains the best possible information to display So you could define a good meta description as “a persuasive group of words about the page” instead of Google’s.

In short, the better your meta description, the more likely it is you'll have good clickthrough rates from organic search. How to Write Great Meta Descriptions I see writing meta descriptions as a legitimate exercise in effective sales copywriting. create the right meta description.

How to create the right meta description. Last update: 12 September, Get suggestions for links as you write ranks. This is why optimizing the meta description is so important, as is optimizing your titles. Characteristics of a good meta description. Although conventional logic would hold that it's universally wiser to write a good meta description rather than let the engines scrape a given web page, this isn't always the case.

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Use this general rule of thumb to identify whether you. How to Write Good Meta Tag Descriptions. Views October 15, a meta description is essential for a blind person to know what’s on a particular page. Their readers read the meta descriptions.

If you want to improve click-through rates, this one thing might make all the difference. Content Marketing How to Write SEO Friendly.

How to write a good website meta description
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