How adequately prepared are we in

How adequately prepared are we in CARICOM for globalization?

The earlier work on the epistle is adequately summarized by B. Of the 41 percent of judges who said they felt they were prepared, a majority noted access to training and information on the opioid epidemic and addicts in court.

No brief description can adequately portray the marvellous variety and magnificence of the flora of the tierras calientes. Lavoisier adequately recognized and acknowledged how much he owed to the researches of others; to himself is due the co-ordination of these researches, and the welding of his results into a doctrine to which the phlogistic theory ultimately succumbed.

Obviously the choice which has to be made between these traditions cannot be adequately discussed here: It is the result of the too great intensity of the light incident upon the retina, and which in normal eyeballs is adequately diminished by the absorptive power of the pigmentary material.

It was for some time thought that from Sierra Leone as a centre industry and civilization might be diffused amongst the nations of the continent; and in the colony which in became the independent republic of Liberia had been founded by Americans with a similar object; but in neither case have these expectations been adequately fulfilled.

The eastern division of the Atlas, which forms the backbone of Algeria and Tunisia, is adequately known with the exception of the small portion in Morocco forming the province of Er-Rif. The interruption of maritime intercourse, the stagnation of industry and trade, the rise in the price of the necessaries of life, the impossibility of adequately providing for the families of those - call them reservists, " landwehr," or what you will - who are torn away from their daily toil to serve in the tented field, - these are considerations that may well make us pause before we abandon a peaceful solution and appeal to brute force.

The emperor was too much occupied in the West to be able adequately to defend his eastern frontier. The only politician capable of dealing adequately with the situation was Sella, leader of the Right, and to him the crown appealed. View Larger Image Survey: We have woefully inadequate treatment options and a county budget that could not possibly handle the level of jail incarceration necessary.

Buenos Aires was still prostrate under the crushing blow of the misfortunes ofand lacked strength and power of organization necessary to raise any effective protest against the proceedings of Celman and his friends when the true character of these proceedings was first understood.

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The significance of the pilgrimage for the religious life of later medievalism cannot be adequately estimated. The digestion of fat or oil has not been adequately investigated, but its decomposition in germinating seeds has been found to be due to an enzyme, which has been called lipase.

This is a nightmare of gargantuan proportions. Very large volumes of air are necessary for this purpose, so that in such mines other sources of vitiation are adequately provided against and need not be considered. Each of the three oceans, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific, possesses an Antarctic facies in the southern part and a tropical facies between the tropics, and the Atlantic and Pacific an Arctic facies in their northern parts.

The supreme importance of a study of Greek antiquities on the spot, long understood by scholars in Europe and in America, has gradually come to be recognized in England, where a close attention to ancient texts, not always adequately supplemented by a course of local study and observation, formerly fostered a peculiarly conservative attitude in regard to the problems of Greek archaeology.

For general purposes, however, the symbol 2in which the lateral rings are benzenoid and the medial ring fatty, represents quite adequately the syntheses, decompositions, and behaviour of anthracene. The transcendental deduction, or proof from the possibility of experience in general, which forms the vital centre of the Kantian scheme, is wanting in Reid; or, at all events, if the spirit of the proof is occasionally present, it is nowhere adequately developed.

In concert performances of grand opera were started, and in a chorus was formed, thus making it possible adequately to present the operas. To deal adequately with the numerous extensions or qualifications of these and other doctrines in the hands of modern economists would involve us in an attempt to do what we have already said is impossible except on conditions not at present realized.

The Syracusans were neither united nor adequately prepared for effectual defence, and it is perfectly clear that they owed their final deliverance to extraordinary good fortune. It enabled him to create and remunerate adequately a capable official class, which proved its efficiency under the strictest supervision, and ultimately produced a whole series of great statesmen and admirals like Johan Friis, Peder Oxe, Herluf Trolle and Peder Skram.

A majority said no.adequately - in an adequate manner or to an adequate degree; "he was adequately prepared" inadequately - in an inadequate manner or to an inadequate degree; "the temporary camps were inadequately equipped".

Not Prepared: Transgender patients I feel less prepared for dealing with intersex disorders and transgender patients. I may not be able to provide the best level of care. But I think by the end of my training, I'll be more prepared than your average medical student maybe.

Can one be adequately prepared? We have a drug court, and that is likely about as much as we can do given the economy and the limited services available in our community. They avoid making calls until they feel adequately prepared—and this can be a very long time. They prepare and avoid.

When they do see prospects, their presentations are so information-bound that they appear boring and lifeless. Meaning of adequately. What does adequately mean?

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Information and translations of adequately in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. "he was adequately prepared" Wiktionary ( / 1 vote) Rate this definition: adequately (Adverb) In an adequate manner. adequately (Adverb) In terms of provisions, we are.

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What are the first steps that Ms. Flores, the school principal, and the School Improvement Team should take to support students with disabilities throughout the school system?

How adequately prepared are we in
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