Foil arms and hog business plan

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Foil Arms and Hog

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Foil, Arms and Hog are a comedy trio perfect for each other

Tell me about how the group came together from studying in university?We are Sean Finegan, Conor McKenna and Sean Flanagan aka Foil Arms & Hog, an Irish sketch group who perform on TV, radio, the stage and YouTube.

Foil Arms and Hog are an Irish sketch comedy group with members who are all friends from the Rathfarnham suburb of Dublin in Ireland. They perform on TV, radio, the stage and YouTube. Popular sketches by the group include ‘How to Speak Dublin’, ‘A Kerryman Gives Directions’ and ‘The Ryanair Song’.

Foil Arms and Hog [ ]. Foil Arms and Hog is an Irish sketch comedy group comprising Sean Finegan, Sean Flanagan and Conor McKenna. They perform on TV, radio, the stage and online. The trio write, shoot and edit a new sketch every week in their office, releasing it for Facebook and mater: University College Dublin.

for all the latest news & videos give us a follow. links below. Former children and Jestfest favourites Foil Arms & Hog return with their brand new show’ll learn how to speak Dublish, find your perfect stereo from a broad range of stereotypes and thank god you’re not the tallest person in the room.

Comedy group Foil Arms and Hog pokes fun at American values

Foil, Arms and Hog - All you need to know about Ireland's favourite comedy trio. Sean Finnegan (Foil), Conor McKenna (Arms) and Sean Flanagan (Hog) are friends all from the Rathfarnham area of Dublin.

Foil arms and hog business plan
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