Essay on st michael the archangel

While fasting for 40 days in honor of St. Michael was when he defeated Satan in battle demonstrating his greatest achievement. His well known apparitions occurred at Mount Gargano in Apulia, Italy around where he was named as the patron in war.

As a sign of proof of his appearance, St. Michael is called upon for protection against evil. His warrior-like image made him the patron saint of soldiers, policemen, and mariners.

God has given Michael many great privileges, it is he who will sound the last trumpet at the final resurrection and conduct the souls to God.

Tell us what you need to have done now! Gregory the Great led a procession of Christians as an act of penance and atonement of sins to stop the great plague that struck Rome. As the custodian and patron, the Catholic Church appeals for defense by Essay on st michael the archangel Prince of the heavenly army during the rite of exorcism especially in places that are infested with diabolical spirits; to fight the iniquities of the fallen angels and offer prayers to God for mercy.

As such he is considered the protector of the Catholic Church. Michael against Satan and the powers of evil.

May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into Hell, Satan, and all the other evil spirits who roam about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

As patron of holy souls, he assists the dying in their final hour to prepare them for their heavenly journey. Today the Catholic Church honors his feast day every 29th of September. The Christians in Egypt have placed the Nile River under his protection. Through the ages believers have entrusted themselves under the protection of St.

He also holds a pair of scales in which he weighs the souls of the departed or the book of life, to show that he takes part in the judgment.

Fearful of the coming events he composed a prayer invoking the protection of St. These accounts portray St. He guides the souls in purgatory who are going to heaven that is why during the offertory prayer of the Mass for the dead, the church pleads the heavenly Father that He may employ St.

He has fulfilled his responsibilities through centuries both in heaven and on earth. A memorial feast is celebrated in his honor every May 8 by the whole Western Church.

Michael is represented as an angelic warrior, fully armed with helmet, sword, and shield often the shield bears the Latin inscription: In the Eastern tradition, the archangel is the patron saint of the sick having been called the great heavenly physician.

Michael continues to deliver heavenly messages through his numerous apparitions.

He sanctified the waters where all the sick who bathed were cured. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.He ordered the prayer to be said at every conclusion of the Mass. Earlier inPope St. Gregory the Great led a procession of Christians as an act of penance and atonement of sins to stop the great plague that struck Rome.


St. Michael the Archangel

Michael appeared at the tomb of Hadrian near St. Peter’s Basilica with his sword covered indicating the end of the plaque. St. Michael - St.

Michael Michael is first introduced to mankind through the scriptures written in the Bible. In the book of Daniel, Michael is introduced as one of the "chief. Michael Jordan: Outlier Essay - What makes Michael Jordan an outlier is clearly a combination of the ability to score at will, great defensive actions, and the overall desire to win (Michael Jordan).Some say that it was skills alone but a player needs to know how to play a sport to be good at it.

Michael is said to have led God’s angels and defeats the demons and evil spirits and drive them away. With almost every saint known, Saint Michael has a memorial which is recognized on September 29th and May 8th. Therefore, for my saint, I chose Saint Michael: The Archangel.

A true helper Cited: Alban, Butler. ” (Alban ) Saint Michael is one of the principal angels. In Latin, the word “Angel” means messenger, such as a divine or spirit messenger, which was used to describe St.

Michael. There are four places in the Bible where St. Michael is found. Michael, in a way, is a prince. He fights for the protection of the reign of God, and he helps humans in their times of need.

I admire St. Michael the Archangel because he is willing to risk everything for his Lord. Even though God does not like killing and war, he has a heavenly army and Michael is it’s commander.

Essay on st michael the archangel
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