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The zealots turned against him because he refused to become their tool for raising a rebellion against the Romans.

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Thereafter, he began by preaching in the towns of Galilee on the shore of the lake where crowds flocked to hear him. Jesus was born in a stable in Bethlehem and his childhood home is represented as Nazareth in Galilee. He passed the sentence of crucifixion on him.

God loves you and is with you 2. Through His teachings, He leads us to eternal truths. Uchtdorf, Second Counselor Essay on jesus christ for kids the First Presidency, listed four in a recent general conference talk: He alone touches our tortured souls with His comforting words. Through His perfect life, He leads us to the path of obedience.

Jews not only punished him severely but ordered for him to be crucified. He was one of the social reformers and opposed many Jewish leaders.

Pharisees and Sadducees got together and got him arrested on the charges of claiming to be the Messiah and thereby equal to God. Through His Atonement, He leads us to love. Jesus began to spread the teachings to those who had the time and an open mind and will to learning a new way.

As he became famous amongst people, he had enemies also. Jesus was accused of blasphemy and handed over to the Romans for punishment.

Eyring, First Counselor in the First Presidency.

5 Paragraph Essay on Jesus Christ

Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Study the Atonement in preparation for taking the sacrament. Applying His Atonement by repenting of our sins.

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After preaching in Galilee and Jordan he proceeded to Jerusalem. We do so by: Reality of judgment to heaven or hell 6. Jesus Makes Repentance Possible One of the reasons Jesus is so important to those who sincerely try to follow Him is that all of us fall short and need the gift of repentance offered through the Atonement.

Death on the cross usually took two or three days to die of pain and exhaustion. The Pharisees became his enemies because of his disregard to their prized interpretations and his cavalier treatment of them personally.

Jewish temple that he had planned to destroy was unfortunately ripped apart by an earthquake soon after his death. Imagine giving a special gift to a friend—something your friend really needs and something you prepared through personal sacrifice.

After he was placed in the solid, rock tomb, an extremely large stone was put in the opening. But his most dangerous opponents were the Sadducees.

Jesus Christ, The Son of God

When Jesus was between 34 and 36 years of age, he was baptized by John, the son of Zechariah. Mary was to be married to Joseph, a carpenter.

Not only in Christianity but in Islam as well he is called as important prophet. After preaching in Galilee and Jordan he proceeded to Jerusalem.

When he come out of the river after being baptized, a holy spirit descended upon him declaring that he was Gods Prophet. Recently I read a blog post where the author talked about how the Savior plays a vital role in her daily life. What are some of the great truths the Savior taught?

And with Him as our friend, we have the courage to cast out fear and move forward with faith. He entered the city riding on an ass. Sooner or later, all of us will need the Savior.Short Essay on Jesus Christ. Article shared by. In the olden times Jewish priests were very wicked.

Their holy book said that people should hate their enemies.

An Essay on Christmas for Students, Kids and Children

At that time a brilliant child was born in the family of a carpenter. Watch video · Jesus Christ was hailed by the people of Judea as the Messiah and Savior, but the religious and civil authorities believed that he threatened the established order and their control of the people.

An Essay on Christmas for Students, Kids and Children Christmas is a popular Christian festival, celebrated around the world. It is an annual festival commemorating the birth of the Jesus Christ on December Kids and Christmas Christmas is a time when we can all learn from a child's gratitude and love for Jesus Christ.

See the meaning and the story of. 5 Paragraph Essay on Jesus Christ. Article shared by. Jesus or the Jesus of Nazareth is mostly known to all as:’Jesus Christ’ where Christ means “Anointed One”. He is regarded as the savior of the people, the Messiah.

Not only in Christianity but in Islam as well he is called as important prophet. Jesus was born to a virgin, Mary. Jesus Christ is a central figure for the Christianity.

Christians picture him as the Messiah (Son of God). Jesus reconciled the Christians w Fair Use Policy; The Life Of Jesus Christ Religion Essay. Print Reference this.

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Essay on jesus christ for kids
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