Easyjet s response to social responsibility needs

SWOT analysis provides helpful information for fitting organizations functions and solutions to the competitive environment it functions in. EasyJet had to change tactic in advertising by explaining why it was possible to reduce fares without compromising protection.

Career attitude of unique groups of individuals affects EasyJet; where the no frills approach targets the purchase price conscious buyers it misses out on professionals who prefer luxurious treatment such travelling high grade and being taken care of. E-marketing is therefore thought as achieving marketing objectives through the application of electronic communication technology which include internet, eBooks, e-mail, databases, wireless mobile phones and digital tv.

Honest and fair with our customers and suppliers Supporting passengers during disruption Supporting passengers with special assistance Building positive supplier relationships Preventing bribery, corruption and modern slavery Customer satisfaction amongst passengers who need special assistance is higher than for all passengers, for the fourth consecutive year.

E marketing tactics of easyjet E marketing strategies of easyjet EasyJet is an airline provider operating in Europe using its base in UK. Restructured editions of the fly on the wall documentaries would supply the EasyJet brand with more coverage and publicity.

They also have flight promotions which plan to avoid customers who would fly with EasyJet. The company has always been criticized for its customer service, poor employee relations, complex fee structures, baggage restrictions and gung-ho marketing.

Kermai, CSR has the capability of improving business with the results not always being quantitative, but rather emerging in indirect and less tangible ways. There is also an option of velocity boarding which enables the passenger to table the air travel before other passengers.

In this case study research is concentrated on CSR goals and practices of both of companies.

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EasyJet also uses the website as an aggressive tool. EasyJet maintains a website which can be considered a great re-intermediation where company is in direct contact with the consumers via an electronic medium Net.

The analysis shows EasyJet holds a strong position and has gained a competitive advantage due to the utilization of technology — internet specifically — in conducting its business operations. EasyJet aimed at making flying cost-effective and urged travelers to package direct and cut out travel agents.

There were proposed following hypotheses: Our customers Why does this matter? Human rights and Modern Slavery Act easyJet is committed to human rights. It published its first statement for the Modern Slavery Act in Marchwhich is available here http: EasyJet includes a comprehensive website with very good usability and structure that presents EasyJet services without the application of redundant graphics and advertisement which usually distracts guests.

It has a direct effect on EasyJet operations for the reason that country.

easyJet’s response to the Airports Commission recommendation

We continue to work with Blueprint for Better Business, an organisation which helps businesses to develop their purpose and role in society. Governments attempting to promote tourism within their countries may welcome and act in the favor of EasyJet.

There were used books, papers etc. Also the effectiveness of the web site was proved when the committed phone number on the site hit six months focus on within six weeks. The progress in technology also ensures the availability of spares and maintenance companies to its fleet of airplanes. Ryanair succeeds by ranking first or second for efficiency in load factor and seating density.

Corporate Social Responsibility http: Innovation means developing new business models for solving social and environmental problems. It now has a fleet of over aircrafts with 20 bases across European countries and is rated as the second largest low-cost carrier in Europe having carried Technological The rate of which technology changes provides favored EasyJet by rendering it practical to conduct paperless operations therefore reducing procedure costs.

Paperless operations making the internet useful in other areas of the business such as for example administration and management. Economic growth in countries EasyJet operates may increase the number of folks travelling by air. The most important simple truth is that EasyJet has incorporated versatility in its e-marketing approach enabling it to anticipate improvements and additional develop its strategies to counter-act accordingly.

There is need to quick response towards reputational issues both in case of traditional media Ryanair, Vulcano Crisis and social media Easyjet, Disability Rights Crisis.

The design, framework, usability and usefulness of its internet site have allowed EasyJet to secure leverage over its competition.

EasyJet does this by placing internet-only special offers in newspaper encouraging travelers to acquire their ticket online. The purpose of setting up an on-line organization is to ensure growth, efficiency, competitive edge and leverage over rivals.easyJet needed to provide seamless remote-working for its employees, as well as software and systems that performed reliably to create a fully integrated environment.

In doing this, the company hoped to move closer to achieving its end goal of increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Second, there are available materials on Ryanair’s and EasyJet’s corporate social responsibility and criss communication both on their website, as well as in academic papers. Third, chosen companies for analysis are interesting in that they both are large airline companies - competitors and both have been highly visible in media.

EasyJet EasyJet Airline Company Limited headquartered at London Luton Airport is the UK’s largest budget airline measured by number of passengers carried, operating domestic and international scheduled services. Easy Jet has grown through a combination of acquisitions and base openings fuelled by consumer demand for low-cost air travel.

E marketing tactics of easyjet

easyJet's socially responsible activities also extend to its employees. It is committed to equality and diversity and is an equal opportunities employer. It also complies with age discrimination laws.

Attitude and Motives. There has been a debate over easyJet's response to social responsibility. H2: There is need to quick response towards reputational issues both in case of traditional media (Ryanair, Vulcano Crisis) and social media (Easyjet, Disability Rights Crisis).

Aim of this paper is to explore the dimensions of corporate social responsibility by analysing two cases of European low-cost airlines: Ryanair vs. EasyJet. Equally, EasyJet strives to maintain the same standard of fundamental human rights in respect of its customers and is committed to the responsibility of the equal treatment of all passengers regardless of their personal characteristics or social status.

Easyjet s response to social responsibility needs
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