Career research project

Career Research Paper

Students can also have a resume prepared and present it to the interview panel. They should give the facts about the other jobs and why the other two jobs are not a good fit for them.

Amount of training time on the job before a full salary can be earned. Informational Interview Have students do an interview with a person in their career of interest and send him or her a thank you note.

When students have found the information for three careers, they need to prepare a report that they will share as a presentation. This project is one that students will see has a real-world application.

This involves students in the planning process and makes counseling and advising more efficient. Then, they need to report on why this career is the best fit for them.

Pay or Salary Describe a starting salary or rate of pay per hour for this job sometimes students find a top salary that is unrealistic for a beginning worker. Many websites ask for email addresses to send the results. Students can be challenged to make their own educational plan and then have their advisor or counselor check the plan.

Students are asked to describe their personality, interests and values and how these personal qualities affect their career choice. Inventing the perfect resume helps students to think about the future as well as learning resume skills.

Guest Speakers This is a good opportunity to invite a guest speaker from the college Career Center to speak to the class. Choose an interview panel of five students. However, some do not know what they want to do. Describe the setting for the career, such as a hospital, ship, office building, outdoors, etc.

They can also use their college Career Center or Library. The criteria for the rubric could be as follows: Explain the parts of the country where a student can find this job. Career Preparation Amount of years of college and or job training needed: It is difficult to complete an educational plan during busy times.

If you work in a community college, it is also a good time to have guest speakers from nearby four-year colleges to talk about transfer requirements. Teachers should try them out before asking students to go online. Once the career inventories are completed, students should have a list of possible careers that they might be interested in researching.Lesson adapted and modified from 21Things for Students Career Prep Activity – by: Mary Ann Korson Career Research Project Next year you will be in high school.

Career Research Project At this point in the class, students have assessed their personality type, learning style, interests and values and have given some thought to.

This project is aimed at helping middle school students to do some research on possible future careers and then present their findings to the class.

This research project will start you thinking about specifics in a career.

You will be using the This career research project is one of the most important projects you have done this year. Classroom Ready Curriculum: Middle School Career Research Project Author.

The Career Project is a free online database of thousands of career profiles. Each “career profile” is the result of a one-on-one interview with a professional.

We started this site to help students and young professionals to get the “inside scoop” as to what its really like to. Sample Student PDCOnline Career Research Paper The career that I had in mind when I first began college was one in counseling psychology.

Career research project
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