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EPA has established the following goals for the overall community involvement program. Using advance publicity, you can draw in new customers who may want to support the charity, but have never done business with you in the past. Word-of-mouth can be an important source of business referrals, but sometimes your business marketing plan needs to go the extra mile.

Along with that, you may also receive some very positive recommendations. Donating a portion of your proceeds to a particular charity or cause may be the way to go for businesses like restaurants. You may also find many new opportunities to meet the needs of your community while promoting your business at the same time.

It will help the Community Involvement Coordinators, who serve as liaisons between community members and Hudson River site team members and other agency officials, to advise them on effective and appropriate ways to inform and engage the public.

In this case, your business may be donating products or services that fill a need of the event, but you can gain valuable exposure to other businesses that are affiliated with the client-host.

The CIP provides detailed descriptions of these tools and identifies how they will be used to address community concerns and promote public involvement in the project. The CIP also contains a glossary, references, and a series of appendices designed to serve as resources for both EPA and the community.

Marketing Your Business Through Community Involvement

For example, sponsoring a local youth sports team is a time-honored way for small business professionals to make a name in their communities. Specific sections include the EPA and project team, local government, and media contacts, and directions on how to obtain additional Superfund and EPA information.

The most natural community involvement choices are those that reflect your target market.

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During project design, EPA will focus efforts on getting public input and providing information on those decisions and activities that have the greatest potential impact on the community and on the big-picture issues that are most important to the public.

In the FebruaryEPA committed to involving the public in activities relating to the implementation of the dredging project. A draft version of the plan was released to the public for review and comment on April 24, By supporting their favorite cause, you give them a reason to check out your business!

The CIP is a public document, readily available to the community, that community members can use to make sure that EPA is responsive to their needs and concerns. For years, small businesses have partnered with other organizations to both meet a need and promote the business.

For small businesses, generating local revenue can be exceptionally important. The secret to successful business marketing through community involvement is choosing your involvement carefully.

Another natural fit may be sponsorship of a charitable event hosted by a major client. Similarly, sponsoring local events and making charitable donations are also good opportunities to put your business name out among members of your local marketplace. It proposed that a Community Advisory Group, or CAGbe formed to create a forum through which members of community and stakeholder groups along the entire site can discuss their viewpoints as design and cleanup work progresses.Draft Community Involvement Plan River PCBs SUPERFUND SITE Hudson Prepared for: United States Army Corps of Engineers United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) prepared this Community Involvement Plan (CIP) to engage and support the community affected by.

Community Involvement Plan Community Involvement Action Plan 1. Fact Sheets, hand-outs and flyers 2. Community Meetings 3. Web Site 4. Information Repository and Administrative Record Among the other issues that arose were the site’s business impacts and the site’s impact on property values, and a.

Companies that encourage community involvement distinguish themselves from their competitors, and see many benefits, including loyal customers and happier employees. According to a May study. 2 Colorado Smelter Community Involvement Plan Purpose The U.S.

Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Superfund Community Involvement Program is committed to promoting communication between the community and the agency. 4. Occupations, Employment and Business 5. Residential Trends and Economic Forecast 6.

Income B. Concerns and Issues The purpose of the Community Involvement Plan (CIP) is to identify the concerns of the prepare a CIP that includes a description of the Site background, history of community involvement at the Site (including major.

Business plan community involvement clip
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