An introduction to the issue of christianity forcing itself among native americans

The Great Spirit does right. Bitter irony that the religion that stole their language and culture from them is a critical resource for regaining it. Many natives willingly accepted baptism, hoping to garner the favor of the more powerful Christian God.

The answer lies in the dusty annals of history. Our fathers gave us many laws, which they had learned from their fathers. Others were puzzled as were many whites by the multitude of denominations.

Forced conversion

Cortez and the priest accompanying him said that first they must learn more of the Christian religion, but that persons would be sent to instruct them. In North America in fact, new religions were created. This is the Biblical paradise, the innocent and blessed condition of the first human beings.

‘Native Americans and Africans forced to practice Christianity,’ elementary school lesson claims

Do this all when they are young enough to not fight back. As a Christian he felt that identifiable Indian murderers "deserved death", but he condemned the murder of Native American women and children, though most of his criticisms were kept private.

In settling the land, he felt strongly that a treaty should be established with its indigenous inhabitants. As a result, all the corn they had saved for years has been consumed, and not a kernel is left over for them.

These tactics were first adopted during the Wendish Crusadebut became more widespread during the Livonian Crusade and Prussian Crusadein which tactics including the killing of hostages, massacre, and the devastation of the lands of tribes that had not yet submitted [20].

The British settlers, especially those in the southern colonies, purchased or captured Native Americans to use as forced labor in cultivating tobacco, rice, and indigo.

The result was the reformation and bloody civil wars all over Europe. It was a poor imitation of a bad model. More typically, tribes took women and children captives for adoption, as they tended to adapt more easily into new ways.

But are you ready to listen?

Christianity grows among Native Americans

The native Americans hounded, harassed and murdered and could only find succor if they proved to be "civilized Christians". They knew there was only one God the Creator, call him what you will, to hear our prayers. Listen to what we say.

Native American Christianity: Through Bullets and Arrows to Peace

Our ears are unstopped so that we have been able to distinctly hear the words which you have spoken. You must have sincere affection for the Savages—looking upon them as ransomed by the blood of the son of God, and as our brethren, with whom we are to pass the rest of our lives.

We worship that way. In the beginning, people lived in peace and knew no want.When native Americans were confronted with Christianity, some incorporated elements of Christianity into their own beliefs, creating a new, syncretistic system.

Others resisted the faith of their conquerors and held fast to traditional beliefs. Some Native Americans were and some were not forced to adopt "Christianity", (quotations mine).

Forcing someone to accept Christianity by Christian doctrine is a oxymoron. It was not a religion being forced on them but a "Christian" European culture.

Mar 10,  · Canada at first saw native peoples as allies (which they were - helping us defend from the Americans).

However, at some point it was decided that natives should be assimilated into white culture. White culture was seen as superior, as in the mid 's, during the time of high Imperialism, whites seemed to have the world by the Resolved.

Native Americans and Christianity have a history that dates to the the arrival of the first European explorers. This history is marked by genocide, cultural destruction, domination and resistance. Much of the destruction was done for land, politics, and power, but a significant part of it was done for religious reasons, as Christians embarked on a world-wide, conversion-by-the-sword "re-education" scheme.

As a Native American novelist and conference speaker who walks the Jesus Way, I have become increasingly more aware that when Christianity is mentioned, Native Americans do. Jan 11,  · Native Americans and Christianity Sources Religious Diversity.

There were more than three hundred Native American tribes in the United States in the nineteenth century, and each had a distinct culture with its own religious beliefs and practices.

An introduction to the issue of christianity forcing itself among native americans
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