An international business issue discussed

Smaller gifts, of a size that would not normally influence a major decision, are considered ethical in some societies and may be legal under local and U. Risk Management Association Foundation Scholarship The Risk Management Association Foundation offers scholarships to students in an undergraduate program who are interested in working in the banking industry after graduation.

Her favorite thing about HPU is how diverse our student population is: If you find that the regime allows you to observe human rights within your organization and that your presence moderates human rights abuses, you may actively work to improve local conditions.

An International Business major, Sage hopes to someday own a business or work for an international corporation that allows her to travel as well as tap into her creative side through digital marketing. As you prepare your expansion and research target markets in other countries, you will often find that the legal structures and ethical frameworks differ substantially from those in the United States.

Global problems related to population, resources, energy, food, the environment, and other pertinent topics are also presented and discussed.

Your standards have to guarantee a living wage, protect the safety of your workers and establish a reasonable number of hours for the work week. The ethical issue facing your company is whether your presence supports the current abusive regime or whether your presence can serve as a catalyst for human rights improvements.

Human Rights The country into which you are expanding may not respect basic human rights. An ethical approach to your expansion into such markets is to limit your environmental footprint beyond what is required by local laws.

A variety of international cultures are studied with particular attention given to values and consumer patterns in those cultures. Contact International Business This concentration provides a strong foundation in the current issues and problems that international managers face.

This concentration is based on an understanding of basic economic and business decision making. When your company makes such payments, it is encouraging a local system of corruption through unethical behavior.

There are so many students and staff from all over the world, and it is so refreshing. Companies may discharge harmful materials into the environment and avoid costly anti-pollution measures.

If you find that you are supporting a regime that oppresses its citizens, engages in discrimination and does not recognize basic freedoms, the ethical action is to withdraw from the market. Employment Wages and the working environment in overseas locations are often inferior to those in the United States, even when you fulfill all local legal requirements.

The payments, even if they seem to be customary, are usually illegal under local laws as well. Pollution Not all foreign countries have environmental legislation that makes it illegal to pollute.

Winners may reapply for continuation of their scholarships for up to two additional years, provided each student fulfills the renewal requirements and maintains their free student membership with RMA.

An effective approach is to develop company standards which protect workers while fitting into the local economy. Sage Bennett grew up in the Metro D. Students will have the opportunity to analyze business activities across cultures, social and environmental consequences of location decisions, and the alternative use of resources.

It is based on an analytical approach that is comparative in nature, and the orientation is toward practical applications. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Corruption Companies making payments to secure business that they would not otherwise obtain are guilty of illegal actions under the U.

When markets in foreign countries offer a higher profit potential than your home market, it makes sense to expand internationally. Since your company has the knowledge and expertise to operate within U,S.

The writing in Fresh Perspectives represents a diversity of voices, topics and perspectives. If you find that large sums are routinely required to do any business in a country, you may want to reevaluate your decision to enter that market.

You have to address the legal and ethical issues of your entering these markets to make your expansion a success.Social Issues In International Business The Common Social Issues while carrying outInternational Trade are:The Country with which we do internationaltrade might be ruled by a corrupt leader or mint-body.comry rulers pose a serious threat forinternational the Home country and the trading country areat war.

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Legal & Ethical Issues in International Business Expansion

An employee of a United States company that is located in Virginia is sent to work on an assignment for two years in France. The journal provides a forum for academics and professionals to share the latest developments and advances in knowledge and practice of international business.

It aims to foster the exchange of ideas.

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An international business issue discussed
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